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Lesser Known Facts about Thread Lifts

  • Thread lifts are minimally invasive and help in enhancing the shape and contour of your face without surgery.
  • Thread lift procedures are ideal for those wanting to look younger and change their appearance significantly.

how is a Thread Lift Different from a Facelift?

Surgical facelifts can in no way be compared to thread lifts. Where a surgical facelift is the ultimate form of a facelift with nothing on par with it, thread lifts are ideal for minimal lifts without the need for surgery. A thread lift procedure is often done in the earlier stages of aging where one can prevent the need for a surgical lift.

Neither works as a replacement to the other. Both these treatments are recommended in highly different cases.

While minimally invasive, a threading lift is effective as long as it is carried out as an anti-ageing measure at the earliest.

what to Expect at a Thread Lifting Consultation?

At Cosmetic Skin Doctors, we believe in offering in-depth consultations to help our patrons understand the procedure in and out and the outcome that can be expected from each treatment.

Every consultation at our clinic involves our practitioners conducting a detailed analysis of your skin type, existing skin conditions, your expectations from the treatment, and the possible treatments that can give you the outcome you desire. By giving your every information related to a thread lifting procedure, we help you make an informed decision and prepare you better for the treatment.

The consultation will not only cover the treatment options and the procedures for each treatment but also the cost, the number of sessions you will require, and other related details. The doctor will also take a few before and after thread lift pictures for comparison.

You can also have your doubts resolved and your queries regarding the treatments answered during a consultation so that you are more aware of how the treatment can help you and, in turn, lay your concerns to rest.

What Areas Can Be Treated with a Thread Lift?

More often than not, thread lift procedures are opted by patients to be done on the face. As part of facial thread lifts, people choose an eye thread lift, a double chin thread lift, a cheek thread lift or even thread lift for jowls.

However, facial thread lifts are not the only popular thread lifting procedures. There are also people who opt for a neck thread lift or for thread lifting procedures on their bodies apart from their faces.

Body thread lifts require thinner threads and focus more on stimulating the production of collagen rather than lifting in order to tighten the skin.

who is Eligible for a Thread Lift?

  • People looking for minimally invasive lifting without having to undergo surgery, irrespective of their gender.
  • People who wish to enhance their facial contours and shape.
  • People who need a jowl lift, cheek lift, and eye lift.
  • People who wish to improve their marionette lines or nasolabial folds.
  • People who wish to look younger and have significant changes made to their face without undergoing surgery.

what is the Recovery Time after a Thread Lift?

One of the best parts of a thread lift is that there is no downtime. You can walk in for the procedure and walk out once done without hassle. You can also get back to work the same day or the next day if you wish to.

However, certain activities must be restricted as a precaution. Make sure you avoid anything strenuous such as swimming or exercising for a few days after the procedure. You must also avoid applying makeup for about 24 hours after the procedure.

what is the Cost of a Thread Lifting Procedure in Melbourne?

The current condition of your skin laxity and other such factors play a vital role in determining the amount of threads to be used. This, and the type of procedure you choose, affects the thread lifting cost in Melbourne. Relaying your requirements during the consultation and figuring out the type of procedure most suitable for you will give you a better understanding of the cost of treatment in your case.

Your doctor can help you with an approximate estimate or explain the complete cost of the procedure to you once you finalise the type of procedure and areas to be covered.

Why Opt for CSD Clinics?

At Cosmetic Skin Doctors, we have some of the best thread lifting experts to carry out the procedure seamlessly for our patients. They are not only equipped to offer the right treatment options for you but also conduct the treatment to ensure the best results.

Our PDO thread lift reviews as well as mint thread lift reviews stand as testimonies to our streak of successful thread lift procedures in the past for all of our patients.

By booking a consultation, you can better understand the possible thread lifting options for you.

What is a thread lift?

A thread lift in Melbourne is a popular, minimally invasive procedure for men and women, which is a convenient, non-surgical alternative to a surgical facelift procedure or neck lift, without the significant cost and downtime of surgery. PDO threads are placed under the skin to reposition the skin in a higher or lifted placement to give your face and/or neck a refreshed, rejuvenated look of younger, tighter looking skin.

One of the major benefits of a thread lift over an invasive surgery procedure is that a thread lift is non surgical and designed to complement the natural contours of the face, leaving a more natural, refreshed look. This is opposed to surgery which aims to reshape or distort the facial features, often resulting in a different look. If you are looking for a more natural looking outcome that still looks like your face, a thread lift is potentially for you.

The suture material or threads are specially designed to dissolve over time with typical results lasting 12-18 months, therefore there is no need to have them removed.

What other treatments can you combine with a thread lift?

At CSD Clinics our aim is to give you the best outcome for your face or body. When you book a free consultation with us, we will talk to you about the best treatment or treatments that will give you the most effective and natural looking result with better skin quality. This could come from a combination of treatments like anti wrinkle injections or dermal lip fillers or laser treatments along with a non-surgical thread lift procedure. The medical team at CSD can also talk to you about additional face treatments and skin treatments to increase collagen production to further increase your skin quality.

Thread Lift Procedures Frequenty Asked Questions

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia; takes less than 90 minutes, no skin cutting or stitching, limited downtime and very natural and long-lasting and best results.

CSD clinics have performed over 1,000 thread lifts using PDO threads. There are many other threads on the market like silhouette soft, mint threads and so on. However, our doctors have had the best results with extremely low side effects using PDO threads for thread lifts.

Thread lifts (sometimes called a suture lift or stitch lift) can be performed on someone who has had a previous surgery, to touch up any sagging skin or droopy areas.

Because only small punctures are made in your skin, and no skin is removed, there is usually no visible scarring.

During the thread lift there should be no pain as local anaesthesia is used. After the procedure there may be some pain behind the ears, so painkillers should be used. This usually settles after 24 hours.

You may be a little swollen after the procedure especially on the outer cheeks. Bruising may occur in some people, but not in most cases. Swelling in most people is mild and usually lasts about 10 days.

Threads will last 12-18 months and dissolve over this time.

The thread lift treatment is not like a facelift as it does not involve cutting and removing skin, and is not a substitute for that surgical procedure. The procedure is often useful for patients who have previously had a facelift, but have a few residual loose areas of sagging skin or droopy areas – it can tidy up these areas. The thread lift procedure is also useful for younger patients who are not ready for face lift surgery, or for those who do not want the scars which may result from surgery.

Thread Lift Before & After Pictures

Below is a small sample of thread lift before and after images from real patients, performed by CSD clinic cosmetic doctors. If you would like to see more, please book a free thread lift consultation to review our full library of results images. You can call 03 9090 0099 or request an appointment online.

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