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Temple Dermal Fillers Melbourne

Aging can affect the face a great deal, causing the skin to sag and the facial volume to be lost. The significant changes can make one conscious in social gatherings. The hollowed appearance of the temple is a sign of aging that is most visible. In certain cases, people also naturally have the appearance of a hollowed temple that makes their faces look gaunt and the facial volume seem disproportionate.

Temple dermal fillers have lately filled the void by being the solution to these dilemmas.

How is a Temple Dermal Filler Procedure Carried Out?

The temple dermal filler procedure is carried out by an expert using a needle or cannula. The area of treatment is cleansed, and numbed in some cases, before the filler is injected at the site. For areas such as the temple that are larger in comparison to most other facial regions, the amount of filler used is more.

Who Should Opt for a Temple Filler Procedure?

A temple filler procedure is ideal for someone with temples that appear naturally hollow or have begun to appear hollow due to aging.

It is also recommended to people with cheekbones that are too prominent and disproportionate to the forehead. People who have tear troughs can also get a temple filler procedure done.

The procedure is also recommended for people with asymmetrical upper faces.

How Does a Temple Filler Treatment Help?

Temple fillers are often used as a method to rejuvenate the face and give it more volume in the upper half of the face. To be precise, a temple filler treat can:

  • Help restore the lost volume at and around the temple
  • Provide support to reduce the appearance of hollows
  • Soften the overall appearance between the temple and the cheekbones for those with facial bones that stick out and give the face and hollow look
  • Balance the look and proportion of the face
  • Give the face a lifted effect
  • Tighten the skin where necessary to remove signs of aging or sagging skin
  • Give the brow a lift
  • Help reduce tear trough
  • Make the temple appear more contoured and youthful

What to Expect After a Temple Dermal Filler Treatment in Melbourne?

Once the temple filler has been administered, you may notice some bruising at the treatment site. This is a common side-effect that subsides in 48 hours. With the procedure being painless and minimally invasive, there is no downtime to a temple filler treatment. You can also get back to work immediately following a procedure, as long as the work isn’t too vigorous.

How Soon Can the Effects of Temple Filler be Visible?

Temple fillers provide immediate results. However, the side-effects of a filler treatment may keep you from noticing the results. Once the bruising subsides, you will be able to see the stark difference that the filler treatment offers.

How Long Does a Temple Filler Last?

Dermal fillers, when done right, can last anywhere between 12 and 24 months. People who have had multiple sessions or haven’t absorbed the fillers quickly have noticed the results lasting longer than most others.

How Many Sessions Are Needed in a Temple Filler Procedure?

The number of sessions you need is determined by a thorough analysis where we focus on the areas that need augmenting and your expectations from the treatment. If you only need the temple hollows addressed, you won’t require multiple sessions. However, in cases where there are other factors to consider, our practitioners may recommend more than one session.

How Much Does a Temple Dermal Filler in Melbourne Cost?

The cost of the temple filler will depend entirely upon the type of filler used. Since there are multiple types of fillers that each offer varying results, our practitioners will be better able to assist you once they analyse your skin and your requirements. Along with the type of filler used, the amount of filler being used also determines the overall treatment cost in every case.

In some cases, multiple sessions may also be recommended for more effective results.

Temple Dermal Filler Treatment at CSD Clinic

At Cosmetic Skin Doctors, we strive to offer filler treatment for our patients that is customised to their needs. Using the best dermal filler for the temple area, we have practitioners who have had years of experience conducting procedures with care and precision. Our products and equipment are of the highest quality and ensure the most effective outcomes. From the initial consultation to the end of the procedure, our team is centered on your well-being.

To find out more about the temple filler procedure and whether it is right for you, you can contact us with your queries. You can also book an appointment for an initial consultation to help us know your requirements and offer treatment options best suited for you.

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