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Tear Trough Filler Melbourne

One of the most common signs of aging is drooping or lax skin around the eyes. The hollowness we often see, the sagging of the eyes, as well as eye bags are all obvious signs that people wish to eliminate as they age. With the cheek losing its firmness, the sagging of the skin under the eyes is made all the more prominent.

Tear trough treatment is the treatment of eye bags or hollowness under the eyes that are reduced through surgical or non-surgical means. While there are some who naturally have the appearance of tear troughs under the eyes, the ones caused as a sign of aging can be treated non-surgically with the use of a tear trough filler.

How are Tear Troughs Formed?

The skull undergoes changes as we age, with the eye socket becoming larger and the cheekbones smaller. With the skin losing its volume and suppleness, the tear troughs become more apparent.

How Does a Tear Trough Treatment Work?

In order to soften the tear trough area where the hollow can be seen, a small amount of filler is injected in the tear trough skin. It is crucial to remember that the skin there is thin, which means the product administered is visible immediately when administered and the area can swell up.

If you are above the age of 40 with a prominent tear trough, only treating the area under the eyes can not give you the desired results. One can see the best results with dermal filler treatment for tear trough when the treatment is combined with rejuvenating the cheek area as well.

This is better identified with a thorough consultation. Your aesthetician can help you understand the possible treatments and outcomes and give you a detailed explanation regarding the choice of treatment they recommend in your case.

After-Effects of a Tear Trough Procedure

Like most dermal filler procedures, a tear trough filler treatment at our clinic in Melbourne takes less than an hour to carry out. While the downtime is nothing compared to that of a surgical procedure, there are certain side-effects. Swelling and some bruising can be seen in certain cases after a tear trough filler procedure. These side-effects subside in a couple of days and can be managed using cold packs.

You can also apply makeup or other cosmetics to hide the bruising once 24 hours have passed after the procedure.

Risks Associated with a Tear Trough Filler

While there are no grave risks associated with a tear filler treatment, it is essential that you get it done by a trained practitioner. If done incorrectly, there are chances of over or undertreating. With the area under the eyes being sensitive, the chances of making the eyes look puffy are high if the amount of filler used is incorrect. The bruising can also be severe if the procedure isn’t carried out correctly.

How Long Do the Effects of a Tear Trough Filler Last?

Aestheticians have a number of dermal filler options to choose from to carry out tear trough procedures. How long the results of the procedure last depend on the type of filler used in  your case. Since the area under the eye is delicate and practitioners can only use a little amount of filler to treat the area, the effects generally last up to 9 months.

In certain cases, the results may subside quicker. Aestheticians may also recommend another treatment quite close to the first one for a more effective outcome. By getting a tear trough filler treatment every 6-9 months, you can see the effects last longer over time.

How Much Does a Tear Trough Filler Cost in Melbourne?

The cost of your tear trough filler procedure depends on the amount of filler used to treat the said area. Generally, the area under the eyes requires 1ml of filler. In cases where there is a need for more, the tear trough filler cost will also increase.

At CSD Clinics, 1ml of filler for tear troughs cost $325. You can get an approximate quote from us once we are able to determine the amount of fillers required in your case through a consultation.

Tear Trough Filler at Cosmetic Skin Doctors Clinic in Melbourne

CSD Clinic has been carrying out dermal filling procedures for patients for a long time with effective outcomes. Having some of the most experienced aestheticians onboard, our team is able to identify the right procedures for you to get the most desirable results. You can expect the best treatment for a tear trough filler in Melbourne at our clinic by visiting us for a consultation for an analysis where we can identify the number of sessions you require and how best we can proceed with the treatment.

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