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Skin Tag & Wart Removal in Melbourne

Lesions on the skin can be inconvenient and concerning. Whether it is a wart or a skin tag, unwanted lesions can chip away at one’s confidence if they are in a very visible part of the body. And while they are harmless in most cases, some can also be contagious.

But here’s the big question – are skin tags and moles different? The answer is yes! They are not only different in appearance but also in what causes them.

Understanding what skin tags and warts are can help you identify them better. For the less informed, here is how you can identify them and distinguish between the two.


Skin tags are tumours on the skin that are non-cancerous. They are raised from the skin surface and are made of fat cells, nerve cells, and ducts and fibres, and have an epidermis covering. The surface of skin tags can be either smooth or rough and are skin-coloured or brownish.

How Do Skin Tags Occur?

Skin tags are formed by the bunching of blood vessels and collagen that are trapped inside thicker skin, generally found in skin folds and creases.

How are Skin Tags Treated?

Skin tags are harmless and are generally removed for aesthetic purposes or because there are signs of irritation due to constant friction. Some of the treatment options for skin tag removal at our Melbourne clinic include excision, cauterisation, and ligation.

The skin tag removal Melbourne cost at the clinic you visit will also depend on the type of treatment used for the tag removal.


Warts are bumps or growths that can take place either on or within the skin and have a surface that is hard with black spots owing to the blockages in the vessels. Warts are skin-coloured and painless and can be found in areas such as:

  • The feet
  • Back of the hands
  • The skin surrounding the nails
  • The fingers

What Causes Warts?

Warts are caused due to the human papillomavirus (HPV) coming in contact with your skin or entering through a cut. The virus is also contagious and can spread from person to person or spread to different parts of the body if you scratch or touch other parts of your body.

How Can Warts be Treated?

The treatment for warts depends on the location that it is present in as well as the type of wart you are infected with. There are a number of treatment options for wart removal in Melbourne, from lasers to making use of high-frequency electrically induced heat.

Diathermy helps cauterise the tissue infected by warts, ensuring the complete removal of the wart. The method includes using high-frequency electrical currents to produce heat in the area where the tissue is unhealthy or infected. This is one of the common procedures used by almost every wart removal clinic in Melbourne.

Ablative and non-ablative lasers are used, depending on how many warts are to be removed and their size, to remove the skin or tissue infected by warts quickly.

Whether you wish to find a clinic to help remove skin tags in Melbourne or need treatment for wart removal, CSD Clinic has the best-experienced skin specialists to help you deal with your skin condition.

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