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Marionette Lines Filler Melbourne

Many people are troubled by chin fat that lowers their confidence over time and makes them look for ways to deal with it permanently. Where surgery has always been an available option, it can be both risky and expensive. On the other hand, new technological innovations have led to the advent of non-surgical procedures for double chin removal that can be accomplished in very little time and money.

How are Marionette Lines Caused?

Marionette lines are a result of the reduction in the production of elastin and collagen in the skin. This generally takes place due to aging. As we age, the production is lessened, which in turn causes the facial volume to be lost. Other factors such as sun exposure and lifestyle habits or stress can also cause marionette lines to appear.

What Does a Marionette Lines Dermal Filler Procedure Include?

Like every other dermal filler procedure, a marionette lines dermal filler treatment involves numbing the area to be treated before the procedure begins. The area to be injected is also cleansed. The filler is then injected at the treatment area in small doses to ensure precise administration of the filler.

What Can Facial Fillers for Marionette Lines Treat?

Marionette line fillers have lately become popular for the many benefits they offer. While the results are not as significant as surgical procedures, they are visible enough to make one appear more youthful and refreshed. Some of these benefits include:

  • Replacing the lost volume to the face
  • Reducing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reducing creased skin for a softer and smoother effect
  • Improving the skin texture due to a boost in collagen production

How Long Does a Marionette Lines Procedures Take?

Marionette lines filler treatment is a non-invasive procedure. This makes it easy to carry out during lunch hours for those with busy schedules. The entire procedure takes less than an hour and requires no downtime.

For a more effective result, it is recommended that you get a follow-up procedure done about six months after your initial procedure.

Is the Procedure Painful?

In order to make the procedure comfortable for you, practitioners numb the area to be treated using numbing cream. Fillers also have local anesthesia present that further helps make the entire procedure painless. While there may be some stinging or pricking sensation felt during the treatment, the procedure won’t be painful.

You can also get some topical cream to numb any pain or discomfort felt after the treatment due to any side effects.

What Can One Expect Following a Marionette Lines Treatment in Melbourne?

The most common after-effects of a marionette lines treatment are swelling, redness at the treated area, and bruising. All of these subside over the next 48 hours after treatment. However, there is no downtime involved. Once the procedure is complete, you can leave the clinic and carry on with your usual routine.

How Long Do the Effects of Marionette Lines Fillers Last?

You can expect the results of a marionette lines filler to last 6-12 months. How much filler is used for your treatment also determines how long the effects last. Those who undergo follow-up procedures or have multiple sessions can see the results lasting longer. Another factor that determines the longevity of the effects is your body’s metabolism and the kind of lifestyle you lead. For example, those who smoke may notice the effects fading quicker than others.

However, when the filler effects fade, the area treated will appear the same as it did before you got the filler treatment unless you follow-up with treatments.

How Much Does a Procedure for Marionette Lines Filler Cost?

The cost of 1ml of marionette lines filler at Cosmetic Skin Doctors starts at $325. The cost of treatment, however, may vary from person to person. The treatment cost in your case will depend on the amount of fillers used for your treatment and the number of sessions recommended by the practitioners.

Marionette Lines Treatment in Melbourne at CSD Clinic

Cosmetic Skin Doctors Clinic has a team of expert aestheticians who are equipped to carry out all skin care procedures. With the help of a thorough consultation and analysis, we can help create bespoke treatment plans based on your convenience and need. Keeping your comfort at the forefront, we plan your schedules around your regular routine.

Every product and equipment used at our clinic is of high quality and offers the best results. To help you understand your requirements and plan your treatment with precision, you can set up a consultation with us by booking it online. You can also have your queries answered by contacting us for further details.

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