Laser Liposuction

Laser lipolysis is the latest technology in fat reduction techniques, which uses laser light to melt fat and remove it with little trauma, while the heat simultaneously shrinks the overlying skin to make it firm and smoother.


* We will price match any genuine written quote.



We will price match any genuine written quote.


Complications are uncommon but may include:
1.InfectionInfection is rare. However, we use antibiotics to decrease the risk of infection. Serious infection is rare, and has only been reported with traditional liposuction.
2.Irregularities may occur, especially in the thigh region, but are less common than traditional liposuction.
3.Scarring since the entry points are very small, scarring is uncommon. However, the puncture points will be red for a few weeks after the treatment.
4.Burns to skinThis is uncommon. The doctors at CDC clinics are experienced in laser lipolysis, and have not encountered this problem.
5.Loose Skin Generally, the skin shrinks back after Laser Lipolysis. However, if people have very loose skin, it may not fully retract, and surgery may be necessary.
6.Bleeding Bleeding and bruising are uncommon.
7.Asynmetry If there is asymmetry after a few months, it can be corrected. There may be temporary asymmetry due to more swelling on one side compared with the other.

No. Laser Lipolysis is on average about $1,500 cheaper than traditional liposuction. In some cases, Laser lipolysis can be about half the price of traditional liposuction.

Each procedure area is different. Prices will vary depending ont eh area treated, the size of the area, the time taken to treat the area or if the multiple areas are treated in one procedure. Your doctor will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate upon consultation.

Other non-invasive treatments do not accurately target the problem areas and hence can have unpredictable results. Laser Lipolysis works under the skin, with a visible guiding light to specifically treat the target areas, providing a more direct approach.

Minimal discomfort is one of the features of this procedure. During the treatment, local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area. You will also be given a sedative to make you feel relaxed and slightly drowsy. You do not need a general anaesthetic. You cannot drive home after the treatment. You can arrange for someone to pick you up or you can take a taxi home.

This question, along with your medical history, will require discussion with the doctor during consultation.

It is possible to see results as early as 2-4 weeks. The final result may take up to four months.

The doctor will review youabout one week after the procedure, and generally there are follow up visits after a few weeks.

Because it is a minimally invasive technique, recovery time is minimal. Patients may experience minor swelling, bruising or tenderness. It is recommended that a garment, eg:binder, chin strap or bike shorts,areworn for at least one week. You may be required to rest in the surgery for abput 1 hour after the treatment. Normal activities can be resumed the following day, or when you feel upto it.

The length of time for the procedure differs depending on the area, or areas treated. To treat a chin, for example, takes less than an hour. The tummy area may take 2-3 hours to complete.

Laser Lipolysis liquefies the unwanted fat and also produces collagen shrinkage in the skin improving skin retraction. Some skin will contract, but excessively loose skin may need surgery.

Yes. Laser lipolysis can make the scar look less obvious by reducing the bulk fat adjacent to the scar. This makes the scar appear flatter and smaller.

The ideal candidate for Laser Lipolysis is someone who is near to normal weight and has areas of concern that are resistant to diet and exercise. Laser Lipolysis can treat many areas of the body. The best areas are double chin, tummy, arms, male breast, hips and outer thighs.

  • May be conducted in Doctors rooms
  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Virtually no blood loss
  • Fat may be removed evenly
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Usually no loose skin due to heat shrinkage
  • Previously difficult areas can now be treated
  • Several areas can be treated at the same time with virtually invisible entry points
  • Can be performed as a “walk in and walk out” procedure
  • Suitable for most areas

Laser lipolysis uses a small laser fiber which is inserted into the unwanted fatty area under the skin and melts and liquifies the fat deposit. The liquid fat is then removed. At the same time, the laser fiber heats the undersurface of the skin, causing it to shrink, leaving a smoother, less wrinkled contour.

“All results shown in the photos may vary from person to person”