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FUE Hair Transplant in Melbourne

Hair loss is often considered synonymous with aging. However, certain other factors can even cause hair loss among the young. Unsuccessfully dealing with excessive hair loss can disrupt one’s mental health and social relationships. Notwithstanding the toll it takes on one’s self-esteem, loss of hair can also inculcate insecurities that are hard to get over.

Hair transplant has come as a boon to both men and women dealing with hair loss who are looking for a permanent hair solution. With technical advancements, hair transplant procedures now provide results that look natural and offer guaranteed growth.

A Glimpse Into FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant is follicular unit extraction wherein an individual hair follicle is taken from one part of your body and moved to another part where there is an absence or thinness of hair. Similar to the FUT treatment, the FUE hair transplant is proven to heal quicker.



FUE hair transplant is a type of surgery that is both safe and effective. With the right technology, your aesthetician can provide natural-looking results to you that can give you back your confidence.

If you are wondering if the FUE transplant is the right procedure for you, here is why you can consider this hair loss treatment::

  • The FUE procedure is minimally invasive.
  • FUE transplant procedure requires no muscular intravenous sedation.
  • The procedure can be carried out with just a local anesthetic.
  • The procedure requires no incision or suturing.
  • FUE procedure has a low downtime and quick recovery.
  • The procedure has no complications and very minimal bleeding.
  • There is no scarring with the FUE method.

How is the FUE Procedure Carried Out?

In order to prepare the patient for the procedure, a local anesthetic is administered. Once the patient is made comfortable, the follicles are carefully selected for harvesting. The punch of the equipment helps in precisely removing the selected hair follicles. Once that has been accomplished, micro needles are used to make tiny punctures in the scalp where the harvested follicle is transplanted.

FUE Hair Transplant at Cosmetic Skin Doctors Clinic

At the CSD Clinic, we carry out FUE hair transplant in Melbourne using the Neograft Automated Hair Transplant system that is an advanced, FDA-approved technology. The technology has made it possible for physicians in the field of hair transplant to carry out the procedure while eliminating all of the flaws that a manual extraction and transplant poses.

Neograft helps in optimising the hair transplant procedure by making the treatment relatively cost-effective while still ensuring quality graft extractions, eliminating the need for manual graft counting, and making the overall procedure energy-efficient.

With Neograft, the FUE procedure becomes safer, quicker, and more effective.

The Benefits of Using the Neograft System

The Neograft system is an ideal technique for hair transplantation for the following reasons:

  • The hair transplant procedure using Neograft is minimally invasive.
  • The procedure requires no stitches or stapling.
  • There is very little downtime to the procedure.
  • There is no unsightly scarring.
  • The procedure causes very little discomfort and in some cases, there is none.
  • The Neograft procedure offers results that look natural.
  • There are very few restrictions following a Neograft procedure in terms of regular activities.
  • Neograft hair transplant is cost-effective



Why Do We Recommend the Neograft Procedure for Hair Transplant?

The Neograft system is FDA-approved, being the only approved system that helps with follicular harvesting and transplantation. The system also carried out the automated technique for FUE, making it an unparalleled system in the field of hair transplantation. The pneumatic controls ensure the precise extraction of follicles that are transplanted onto the scalp immediately.

As of now, the Neograft hair transplant procedure in Melbourne is the only one offering complete follicle harvesting. The results of the treatment are so superior that it can be hard to tell they aren’t natural. Whether you’re looking for a short hair transplant or a long one, the Neograft procedure is gentle, effective, and affordable.

To understand the effectiveness of the procedure better, you can also take a look at the many Neograft hair transplant before and after pictures of patients who have successfully undergone hair replacement services through this method.

Who is Eligible for FUE Hair Transplant?

While the FUE procedure is effective and safe, not everyone is eligible for the procedure. You can opt for the treatment if:

  • You have thin patches of hair.
  • Parts of your scalp have almost no hair.
  • Medication hasn’t helped you regrow hair.
  • You wish to have a new hairline due to thinning hair and hair loss.

Who Cannot Opt for the FUE Procedure?

The FUE procedure is not ideal for people who have lost almost all of their hair. It can also be a hassle for people with long hair since the hair at the side of the head needs to be clipped. However, for grafts below 400, clipping a narrow area will suffice.

How Much Does the FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Melbourne?

Your FUE hair transplant cost in Melbourne will vary, depending on the number of grafts required and the area to be covered. A thorough hair loss consultation with an expert can help you determine the exact cost of the treatment in your case.

Frequently Asked HAIR TRANSPLANT Questions

With the FUE procedure being meticulous, the treatment may take an entire day per session. The session is managed in a way that allows for comfort breaks when needed, for both you and the physician and their team.

Depending on the area you need covered, the number of sessions will be personalised for you. On average, your aesthetician can work on 2400 grafts per session. If you need a wide area treated, your sessions will range over a couple of months.

The procedure is minimally invasive and can cause mild discomfort. You may also feel a stinging sensation each time the anesthetic injections are administered. If you experience headaches, we can provide analgesia to help counter the pain.

You may notice some bruising on the forehead after the procedure to restore hair loss due to the anesthetics injected. The bruising may last about a week. Swelling is yet another after-effect of the procedure that subsides over time. This is more common in cases where a large area has been treated.

There may also be some mind spotting or bleeding at the site of harvesting or implantation, which will last a few days. The bleeding or spotting can also occur if the scalp is picked at or rubbed during a shower. You may also experience some crusting and shedding at the treated site for a couple of weeks after the procedure, which resolves over the weeks.

You can resume work the day after your procedure. However, you may need to wear a cap or a scarf for a couple of days since the skin at the treated area may turn pink for a couple of days

The grafts need no special care. However, it is advisable to avoid vigorous activities like sports to keep the grafts from knocking off. Further, washing your scalp is advised but not by rubbing the scalp. You can also gently comb the hair the day after your procedure if needed.

Before beginning treatment, your hair transplant clinic in Melbourne will make you aware of the possible risks and side-effects and the list of dos and don’ts for better recovery.

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Why is Our Clinic the Best for FUE Hair Transplant in Melbourne?

Apart from the best technology to administer the hair transplant treatment, our Melbourne hair transplant clinic houses specialists that have been in the field of clinical cosmetology. Our in-house aestheticians are equipped to carry out complex procedures for the most effective outcomes. From the initial consultation to the post-procedure care, our team is committed to providing personalised treatment to every patient that takes into consideration their needs and their convenience.

You can book an appointment with our hair specialist in Melbourne for a free hair loss consultation or send across your queries to help us understand your requirements better before we proceed with the treatment.

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