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Facts about Face Thread Lift

  • A face thread lift requires no surgery and is minimally invasive.
  • The procedure can help with a number of factors, from redefining jawlines to enhancing face contours and shapes.
  • Innovations have led to absorbable face threads that make them popular and effective.
  • Face thread lift procedures have almost no down time and side effects.

What is Face Lift Threading?

Face lift threading is a procedure that involves using threads that are placed just below the skin to lift the skin and reposition it. This treatment is also called suture lift. While not new, the procedure has garnered a lot of attention lately with the introduction of absorbable threads.

Where the method made use of suture material that couldn’t be absorbed by the skin, the new methods used involved threads that are absorbable and that come with cones along the length to pull the skin once the thread it retracted

The treatment helps lift the skin as well as the soft tissues immediately while the resorbed sutures stimulate collagen production that improve the skin over time.

In short, you can see both short and long term effects of the treatment with good results.

Who is Eligible for a Face Thread Lift?

People who need their skin lifted without a surgical procedure are the ideal candidates for a face thread lift, regardless of gender. From improving the shape and contours of your face to defining the jawline, non surgical face lift threading gives you a refreshed, rejuvenated look. While the effects may not be as significant as that of a surgical face lift, thread lifts do create a difference.

What is the Procedure of a Face Lift with Thread?

The procedure of a thread face lift involves the use of local anesthesia to areas where the threads will be inserted using a long needle that is passed through the face in the retraction desired. Once the needle is cut from the thread, the thread retracts under the skin.

The time taken to conduct the procedure depends on how many threads have been used and the area covered. The average time to carry out the procedure is approximately 1 to 2 hours.

How Long Do the Effects Last? 

A facelift with thread shows immediate results with the long-term effects lasting about 12 to 18 months. The result can also vary from person to person, depending on the post-procedure care, the environment, habits, etc.

What are the Side Effects of a Face Thread Lift? 

A face thread lift has almost side effects. In some cases, there may be some swelling or slight bruising which disappears over time.

What is the Cost of a Face Thread Lift? 

The cost of a thread face lift in Melbourne may not be the same for everyone. The cost depends on the amount of threads that need to be used for the face thread lift and the extent of work to be done. With this being subjective, the cost is too.

A proper consultation with our doctors can help you figure out the cost of the procedure in your case.

Why Choose CSD Clinic?

At CSD Clinic, every practitioner is equipped to manage the plethora of treatments we offer, having performed 1000+ thread lift procedures until now with fabulous results. We also make use of the latest FDA approved technologies that further enhance the outcome of the treatments.

You can set up a consultation with us to find out the possibilities by calling us or booking one online!


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