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Double Chin Injections & Reduction Melbourne

Many people are troubled by chin fat that lowers their confidence over time and makes them look for ways to deal with it permanently. Where surgery has always been an available option, it can be both risky and expensive. On the other hand, new technological innovations have led to the advent of non-surgical procedures for double chin removal that can be accomplished in very little time and money.

How is a Double Chin Formed?

A double chin is caused due to the development of submental fat under the chin or jawline. This can happen due to a number of reasons, including old age, loss of skin elasticity, weight gain, or genetics. Chin fat is also quite difficult to deal with, even workout routines and diets.

How Does a Double Chin Treatment Work?

One of the sure ways of treating double chin that is widely used by aestheticians everywhere is double chin injections. These are fat-dissolving injections that contain a type of acid that is also present in our bodies. Using the adipocytolosis procedure, the acid injected into the chin works to destroy the fat cells present, keeping them from storing fat again.

More often than not, the treatment is scheduled over a couple of sessions for a more effective outcome. This is more so if the treatment area is wide. Your aesthetician will plan a schedule convenient for you while setting up these sessions.

Who Can Undergo Double Chin Reduction in Melbourne?

While getting a double chin removal treatment in Melbourne is safe, there are certain conditions you need to fulfil in order to undergo the treatment.

You can only undergo double chin treatment if:

  • You have no infection in the area to be treated.
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You have no medical condition affecting the chin, face, neck.
  • You have or have had no trouble swallowing.
  • You have not had surgery or plan to surgery in and around the area you wish to treat.

If you are on medication of any kind, it is important that you bring it to the notice of the practitioner who will be treating you for the double chin reduction, whether it is prescribed drugs or over-the-counter medication, supplements, vitamins, or herbal medication.

If you intend to get a double chin removal treatment for a special occasion, make sure you do it a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the occasion or event.

What to Expect from Your Double Chin Treatment?

After your double chin reduction procedure, there may be some swelling at the area of treatment. This is an indicator that the treatment is working well. The swelling will subside with time and can be managed with a cool pack at home. You may also notice some warmth and redness after the treatment.

How Soon Are the Results Visible?

Often, aestheticians recommend multiple sessions of treatment, depending on the area you need treated and the outcome expected. These sessions are spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart. Further, there is visible swelling at the area of treatment for a couple of days after the procedure. Once the treatment is complete and the swelling subsides, one can see apparent results in about 6 weeks.

Is Double Chin Removal Permanent?

Double chin removals help in removing fat from under the chin permanently. The Injections helps give the chin a sharper, more defined shape. With the injectable reducing fat cells from the chin, the fat cells still remaining give the chin a more proportioned look even if they increase in size. Further, maintaining a consistent weight can help ensure that the result of the treatment is at its best.

How Much Does a Double Chin Injection Cost?

At Cosmetic Skin Doctors, the cost of double chin injections are $100 per ml. Depending on the amount you need and the number of sessions scheduled for you, our practitioners can give you a more approximate quote. A thorough consultation with us can help us understand the extent of treatment required in your case and how much it can cost you.

Double Chin Injections in Melbourne at CSD Clinic

Cosmetic Skin Doctors is one of the few renowned clinics in Melbourne offering double chin removal treatment with the most effective results. With quality products and equipment, our experienced team is able to flawlessly manage every filler procedure. We offer initial consultations to help you understand the treatment plans and the possible outcomes with each plan and help you achieve the best results with the treatment.

You can contact us for more information or book your consultation with us through the forms on our site.

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