Laser Lipolysis / Laser Liposuction

Laser lipolysis the latest in safe and effective fat reduction. The laser melts and permanently removes fat while also shrinking the skin.

Fraxel Laser Treatment for Acne Scarring

Fraxel and fractionated CO2 laser has been a breakthrough in treating difficult scars with permanent improvement.

Injectable Dermal Fillers

New temporary, semi permanent and permanent injectable fillers can rejuvenate the face like a face lift but at a fraction of the price.

Pulsed Light Therapy Photo Rejuvenation

Pulsed Light therapy can remove red veins, brown marks and blemishes and give the skin a more youthful appearance.

Welcome to CDC ( Cosmetic Discount Centre) Clinics

cdcclinics-discount-voucher-winterSuper Special $9.00 excl per unit Anti-wrinkle injections.

Dermal Fillers starting at $400 per 1 ml

Look your best for Less!

At CDC (Cosmetic Discount Centre) clinics we offer the services of highly experienced medical practitioners and laser therapists. Prices are competitive and free consultations.

CDC clinics offers a variety of Fat reduction treatments, including Laser lipolysis and laser liposuction.

We have a large range of lasers and treatments for acne and acne scarring using the Fraxel and fractionated CO2 lasers. We offer light therapies and microdermabrasion for active acne and blemishes.

CDC clinics offers the full range of permanent and temporary Dermal Fillers with new improved safety. They can be used for filling deeper furrows, fine lines, hollow cheeks, jowles and lips.

There are many treatments for aging skin and wrinkles, including non surgical thread face liftinglaser resurfacing and the fractionated CO2 laser. We offer Laser eyelifting to remove hooding and drooping on upper eyelids and bags under the eyes.

For red veins and brown marks, we offer Pulsed light therapy, IPL, Photodynamic therapy and pigment selective lasers. Hair removal is treated using Alexandrite laser treatment. Tattoos can also be removed using special lasers.

At CDC clinics, we can check for suspicious moles, and remove any unsightly moles and blemishes. We can check for skin cancers and remove them by surgery, photodynamic therapy and other non surgical therapies.

Stretch marks can be improved using fractionated lasers at specially reduced prices. Spider leg veins and varicose veins can be treated using injection sclerotherapy.

CDC clinics carries a range of skin care and antiaging products.

Consultations are free!

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